The Infinite Painting

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From hand painting watercolors to digital graphic design.

Abstract, children, botanical, classic, Aztec, block stamp…

Exclusive, non-exclusive, textile positional illustration, surface pattern design, single artwork and paintings

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"Maple" pattern. Watercolor on paper. 2015
"Pisardi Plum Tree" watercolor pattern. 2019
September Pattern on fabric. 2014
September Pattern
"Klee Pattern" pattern on fabric. 2014
"Monegros, Abstract Landscape" pattern on the table runner. 2020
"Botanical Maze" Watercolor Pattern. 2020
Botanical Maze Pattern
"Klee Triangle" Watercolor Pattern. 2020
Klee Triangle Pattern
"Ocean" Watercolor pattern on a throw pillow. 2015
"Down by the Water" watercolor pattern. 2017
"Birdies" watercolor pattern. 2017
"Maroon Vine" pattern on fabric. 2017
"Klimt Pattern" 2018
"Talavera" pattern on shower curtains. 2018
"Sunflower Seeds" Watercolor Pattern. 2020
Sunflower Seeds Watercolor Pattern
"Monegros Black & White" Pattern. 2020
Geology pattern
"Classic Floral" pattern. 2017
"Portuguese Ceramic" pattern on floor pillow.
"Water drops" watercolor pattern. 2016
"Song to the Siren" watercolor pattern on the mug.
"Snakes Mess" watercolor pattern 2018
"Cherry" pattern on fabric. Watercolor on paper. 2017
"Poppies Garden" on Comforter. 2020
"Moringa Teal" pattern on apron. 2021
Moringa pattern apron
"Ipomea" pattern on fabric. 2015
Ipomea drawing by timoneIpomea pattern watercolor by timone

“Ipomea” pattern process.

Painted with watercolors. 2015