"The Tale's Witch" Watercolor on Wood. 2008 Original 35 x 75cm. (On Sale)
"Wishing Well" Watercolor on Wood. 2021 30x50cm. Private collection. Madrid, Spain
Wishing Well watercolor painted by timons
"That magical night around the campfire" Watercolor on wood. 30x50cm. 2016 Original on sale.
"Fish Willow" Watercolor on wood. 2020 40x30cm. On sale
Fish Willow watercolor
Watercolor on paper. Arches 300gr/m2. 23x31cm. Private Commission. Spain, 2019
El Huerto Escolar. Watercolor on Wood. 24x35cm. 2018. Private commission. Zaragoza, Spain. Book Cover. Writer Cristina Abad García.
"Una flor en la vereda" Watercolor on Wood. 2016 Original 30 x 42cm Private commission. Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
"However, let's dance" Watercolor on wood. 2012 Original 35 x 65 cm. (Private Collection. Milton Keynes, United Kingdom)
Poppies Time Watercolor on Paper. Arches 300gr/m2. 2018 Original 23x31cm. (On Sale)
"Fast Food" Watercolor on wood. 35x35cm. 2013. On sale.
"Endless" Watercolor on Wood 35x35cm. 2012-2013
"Future botanical studios: Daffodil" Watercolor on Paper. Arches 100% cotton 300g/m2 20x20cm. 2018 Original on sale.
"Homecoming" Watercolor on wood. 35x35cm. 2012 Original on sale.
"The Tale's Peasant" Watercolor on wood. 35x35cm. 2008 On sale.
"The Lake Monster (Neither the kings are so big, nor the monsters are so bad)" Watercolor on wood. 35x35cm. 2010 Private collection. Benicarló, Castellón, Spain.
"Somewhere over the rain" Watercolor on wood. 2009 Original 35 x 35 cm. (Private Collection. Los Ángeles, EEUU)
"The Dragon and the Tower" Watercolor on wood. 35x35cm. 2009 Private collection. Benicarló, Castellón, Spain.
"The Tale's Little House" Watercolor on wood. 34x75cm. 2008. Private collection. Madrid, Spain.
Ebro Dragon sketchEbro Dragon watercolor illustration

«El Dragón del Ebro»
Watercolor on Wood. 2017.  Book illustration by the writer Marisa Peces.
Commissioned by PeliAgudo Arte y Circo and Zaragoza City Council, Spain.